Sunday, 24 July 2016

The World Has Gone Mad

France is a country seemingly under siege. A man drove a delivery truck through a crowd in Nice, France. A failed military coup in Turkey. Racial tensions came to a boil as the blacks sniped police officers in Dallas. Public Shootings in a German shopping mall. Donald Trump delivered his GOP convention speech like a war-time president, dark and angry. The South China Sea dispute remain contentious, straining ties between ASEAN and China.

Am I concerned about recent geopolitical developments? Sure, I am. But I am not letting these fears stop me from living my life. The world has always been a messy and even violent place (remember WWI & WWII?). I choose to believe in the goodness of humanity! Stay positive and spread the love around.

By the way, I totally enjoyed my recent trip to Washington DC. Bought a Hugo Boss bag! :)

Life is one huge stumble. Just make sure you stumble in the right direction.

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